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Welcome to the Parent Forum Page.

Tremoilet V.C.P School Parent Forum aspires to reach out and engage with all parents and carers, providing them with a voice and to actively contribute to making a difference to the educational and life experience of students.

 Our Mission

 “Success through parental engagement and involvement.”



From The Headteacher

 Dear Parents and Carers,

 I am delighted to see the implementation of a Parent Forum, which supports ‘success through parental engagement and involvement.’ I greatly value Parent Forum members’ enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to make a difference to the School and all its pupils. We take parental involvement very seriously and work hard to establish a good and productive relationship with all parents and carers.

 My  staff  and I are looking forward to working in partnership with the Parent Forum to make Tremoilet V.C.P an outstanding School and we wish the Parent Forum success in all its work.


Kind regards


Jayne Phillips ,  Headteacher of Tremoilet V.C.P School


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Parent Forum Agendas

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Parent Forum Minutes

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Spring Term 2017 1

Spring Term 2017 2 

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