A new curriculum for Wales is being developed with education professionals across Wales with the aim of it being available to settings and schools by September 2018.

 Advances in technology have transformed the way we live and work. Now more than ever, our young people need to be adaptable to change and capable of learning new skills throughout life.

 Welsh Government commissioned a review of the school curriculum in Wales to find out how it should evolve to respond to these changes. In October 2015, Professor Graham Donaldson’s Independent Review of Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements in Wales, ‘Successful Futures’ was published.

 The review provided the foundations for a 21st Century curriculum shaped by the very latest national and international thinking.

 Development work is now underway, with teachers from Pioneer Schools working together to design the new curriculum, supported by expertise nationally and internationally.

 The new curriculum will make learning more experience-based, and give teachers the flexibility to teach in more creative ways that best suit their pupils.

 The first element to be made available to schools was the ‘Digital Competence Framework’ in September 2016. The aim is for the remainder of the new curriculum to be available from 2018.

 Schools will have flexibility in deciding how and when they begin to first use the new curriculum, but the ambition is that by 2021 it will underpin teaching and learning for children and young people aged 3-16 across Wales.