Foundation Phase at Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle  

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On Friday 14th March Mrs Phillips' Class visited Pembroke Castle as part of our Dragon Tales topic. 

It was a very foggy morning when we arrived. 

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We were met by our guide Mr John Davies who showed us around the massive castle. When Mr Davies heard we were interested in dragons he asked if we wanted to go down to a damp, dark, dragon cave! 

We were all really excited as we carefully made our way down the magic staircase. Mr Davies explained that the staircase was magic because nobody ever counted the same amount of steps as they travelled down to Wogan's Cavern. 

We all tried this out and counted as we went down deeper and deeper.  

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It was very deep underground,damp and dark. Mr Davies showed us what could have been a dragon foot print! 

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Glyn had a go with special metal rods to see if we could find a dragon still down there today. As we waked round the cave the metal rods mysteriously moved and crossed where a dragon may have been hiding underground. We were all very excited! 

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There was even what could have been 'dragon blood' on the walls! 

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After our dragon hunting we had a tour round the castle kitchens, the dungeons and what was the castle court. 

Finally Mr Davies took us to the biggest and strongest part of the castle, the keep. The stone walls were very thick, about 4 or 5 metres thick. 

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Inside the keep, Lord Liam of Pembroke took on Lady Gwen in a jousting tournament.  

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We all really enjoyed our day at Pembroke Castle and can't wait to start writing our recounts and dragon hunting stories back in school.