The Welsh Government allocates the Pupil Deprivation Grant on an annual basis. This allocation of funding is based on the number of pupils receiving free school meals and is utilised to raise standards in literacy and numeracy. 

This year (2014-2015) Tremoilet School have utilised the funding to employ an additional Teaching Assistant to help with the delivery of Intervention Programmes.

A thorough analysis has been undertaken of the National Testing undertaken in May 2014 and pupils who require additional support have been highlighted.
TA's have been trained in the Catch Up Literacy and Numicon Intervention Programmes.
The above programmes have been timetabled across the school week.
Initial assessment of pupil skills has been undertaken.
Pupils will be re-assessed periodically throughout the year to measure progress.
Parents will receive feedback on their children's development.
Should you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the Headteacher.